Monday, June 9, 2014

Bigger Than Ever...

Two years to the day of our last post here...

Since then, we started and completed Season One of the Duke City Pinball League and are currently in the middle of Season Two.   My wife and I now have one-year-old twins and very little time for pinball (thank goodness for League nights!)  A very popular pinball mod business has sprung up in the area (, go check them out).  EM Pinball ABQ has grown and has a shop packed full of pinball machines right near the heart of the city. has it's own Albuquerque section now. The Facebook group has grown to over 100 members, many of which have fantastic collections right here in the Albuquerque Area.

You can always email me at, but the Facebook group is definitely the best way to stay alert to new pins, new sales, league information, tournament information and more.

Keep in touch and thanks for checking out,!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Don- all Duke City Pinball members receive a 15% discount at our shop!