Wednesday, August 17, 2011

UPDATE: A Tale of Two Pin*Bots

After rushing to make at least one playable Pin*Bot in time for last months DCP Open House, I was left with one unit playable for the event, and another left in the carhold. *COUGH*

One game was cleaned up and shopped, while the other went untouched. It did however give it's kidney so that the cleaner machine may live. Sure enough, the cleaned up and beautified Pin*Bot was on display for the open house and has incurred dozens and dozens and dozens of plays in the meantime.

What of the kidney-less PB? Well, it became a solid starter project for another DCP member... their first pin! Beats the heck out of my first pin, a Bally Odds & Evens. It had a gorgeous backglass, but didn't even come with a power cord! Still, that was a nice machine to learn on, as I hope Pin*Bot will be for it's new owner. Glad to see the seeds of pinball spreading across the state.

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