Monday, August 1, 2011

Duke City Pinball Open House July 2011 Recap

The July 2011 DCP Open House has passed! We had a great time with lots and lots of great food and pinball. The $1 World Cup Soccer 94 tournament brought in about $70, with nearly $50 awarded to our first place winner.

First Place: Colson F - 1,467,165,690 points
Second Place: Nelson F - 1,092,809,580 points
Third Place: Zach B - 999,448,960 points

Still working out the tournament kinks, but everyone (except me) was pretty patient with the long line to play! Zach racked up nearly one billion points early in the competition. From that point on, everyone was chasing him down and racing to do so before the 9pm deadline. Very late in the game, Colson knocked Zach out by 500 million points! After 9pm passed and final paid games were being played, Nelson eventually landed in second place by less than 100 million points separating him from third. It should be noted that Hunter jumped on for a few unpaid games and blew all of those scores out of the water! I think he finished with over 3 billion on his last game. Gotta pay to win though! Hunter will be boning up on his yoga and meditation to focus his entries next time around....

Lots of new faces this time around too! Welcome Ray, Rodney, Cameron, Douglas, Kristen, Emily, Kevin and Christina among others! Thanks for joining us!

The photos seem to have been taken at the very start and very finish of the event, as many games seem unattended, but it was a solid mix of folks one each game, as well as playing Pinball FX2 on the Xbox in the living room.

Thanks to everyone for making this months open house a success and a special thank you to Bryan for bringing his awesome Addams Family machine! It was a hit with everyone, and a nice surprise as no one knew it was going to be there! It's collectors like Bryan that keep the hobby alive! I know we all get a little nervous moving these machines back and fourth. One wrong move and you're looking at hours of repairs! Thanks again Bryan!

Photos of the event are located here.

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